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Supply Chain Compliance


In recent years, competitive pressures, globalization and increasingly discerning consumers have forced retail corporations to increase the number of suppliers they work with and the regions globally from which they source products. As a business diversifies and deepens its sources of supply it simultaneously increases its exposure to a greater number of material, social, and ethical risks in that supply chain.

Given the large number of suppliers typically involved in the supply chain and given the growing social conscience of consumers and an increasing use of the internet, the likelihood of actual brand and reputational harm as a result of poor social and ethical performance in the supply chain is greater than ever before.

At BSI, our services are designed to align with the steps customers need to take to understand what is best practice, how to achieve it, and ensure that it remains an ongoing habit.  BSI delivers a simple solution that fosters continual improvement and adds value at every step along the way.

Entropy™ Software provides you with cost-effective, intuitive, and flexible Supply Chain Compliance Management System software. You can create your own checklists / protocols to perform audits / assessments that include environmental, health & safety, quality, information security, and other parameters as well as social, ethical and labor factors.

Entropy Software’s supply chain audit framework provides senior management with all the tools necessary to identify, assess, and manage supply chain compliance across your business in order to help achieve these business benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Provide instant executive dashboard visibility of corporate-wide supply chain compliance data
  • Implement and manage controls that assist your suppliers to adhere to your compliance objectives
  • Ensure that risks associated with your supply chain are cost-effectively managed
  • Compare supplier performance across sites, business units or your entire business
  • Instantly respond to media with up-to-date supplier compliance data
  • Improve overall compliance, productivity, predictability and quality of the sourced products

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