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Composed of five core modules and a base system, Entropy™ Software allows users to add and integrate any number of disciplines into their management process and provides a complete framework for organizations to effectively manage risk, performance and sustainability activities.

Click to View the BSI Entropy Software Overview Video

Click to View the BSI Entropy Software Overview Video

Entropy Software’s five key modules have extensive capabilities that function independently for targeted issues or as an integrated whole providing a full management system suite for managing standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and more.

Entropy Software five modules include:



Framework/Base System

  • Set access by person, responsibility and role.
  • Select working language (user)
  • Customize translation tables (administrators)
  • Select units of measure with automatic conversion for standard reporting
  • Create customized reports with Report Builder (optional)
  • Use context-sensitive on-screen help
  • Create quick links and reference sites
  • Provide dashboard scorecards and reports
  • Create your own corporate look for the system
  • Integrate with existing data systems

Risk Management Module:

Enables the identification, assessment and management of risks across organizations.

  • Create risk and control assessment methodologies
  • Identify and track regulatory requirements
  • Conduct risk and control assessments
  • Raise, monitor and close risk response actions
  • Notify for re-assessment
  • Create and report on risk registers
  • Analyse risk response actions to reduce residual risk

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Audit & Compliance Management Module:

Provides consistent management of audits to help achieve compliance and demonstrate compliance with an organization’s choice of standards or internal procedures.

  • Create audit checklists/protocols
  • Schedule and conduct audits/assessments
  • Raise recommendations and non-conformances
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Raise, monitor and close corrective and preventative actions (CAPA)
  • Report using traffic-light performance dashboards
  • Improve compliance and implement best practice

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Knowledge Management Module:

Provides a single source portal for controlled documents, resources, and best practices:

  • Create, review and approve controlled procedures
  • Provide a single source corporate portal for controlled documents, resources, best practice, news, events and alerts
  • Report employee training needs analysis automatically
  • Alert employees about documents for which they are responsible
  • Notify employees of their training requirements automatically
  • Provide search communication and feedback tools

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Performance Management Module:

Provides executives and senior managers with timely, reliable, and verifiable performance information at a site, business unit or across an entire organization.

  • Set corporate objectives
  • Establish targets at group, business unit or site level
  • Create key performance indicators (KPI’s) and performance metrics
  • Notify for site-level data input
  • Validate and approve data
  • Report using traffic-light performance dashboards
  • Analyse trends and make performance improvements

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Incident Management Module:

Manages all incidents / events, from quality issues to workplace injuries to environmental spills through to, security holes and supply chain breaches. It provides a comprehensive set of features for documenting, reporting and investigating injuries and incidents.

  • Record incidents
  • Set automatic incident notifications
  • Investigate and conduct root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Raise, monitor and close corrective and preventative actions (CAPA)
  • Report using traffic-light performance dashboards
  • Analyse trends and reduce incidents

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