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BSI Action Manager


Bringing Confidence to Compliance

Successful action management of quality, sustainability and risk related issues is essential to driving excellence and acts as an integral part of an organization’s continual improvement plan.

BSI Action Manager enables organizations to capture, track and maintain accurate, auditable non-conformance records across the organization. Powered by Entropy Software, BSI Action Manager provides an end-to-end solution that can help organizations:

  • capture and profile findings from anywhere in their operations;
  • conduct investigations to determine the root cause of the issue;
  •  track the entire action management process;
  •  implement required changes; and
  • ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

In addition, powerful analytics, reporting capabilities, and dashboards offer real-time visibility into the remediation  process – from initiation to closure.

BSI Action Manager aligns with other management system related processes such as audits, non-conformities, incident management, and even key findings raised from your BSI audit.  No matter where an issue originates, or how many departments it touches, BSI Action Manager can effectively manage its resolution.


BSI Action Manager is a user-friendly solution that manages all findings and enables comprehensive action planning.

Screenshot of Investigation/Root Cause Analysis screen of Action ManagerInvestigation/Root Cause Analysis

BSI Action Manager includes automated workflows that efficiently drive root cause analysis. Investigators are automatically assigned tasks to associated corrective action tracking records. Based on preset rules, task owners are sent reminders for pending due dates and notices of escalation, reassignment or approvals.

Screenshot of Escalation, Notification and Reminders screen of Action ManagerEscalation, Notification and Reminders

BSI Action Manager includes automatic escalation, notices and reminders that can be pre-defined and configured and keeps the process moving, preventing issues and tasks from falling through the cracks.

Screenshot of Action Planning screen of Action ManagerAction Planning

With BSI Action Manager, users are able to draft action plans based on root cause analysis and assign responsibility to implement the plan to other users. The corrective action tracking solution routes cause analysis with proposed action plan details for review/evaluation using a best practice workflow.

Screenshot of Implementation & Project Tracking of Action ManagerImplementation & Project Tracking

BSI Action Manager automates workflows efficiently and drives the implementation and tracking of tasks, due dates and milestones, as well as sends notifications when targets are missed.

Screenshot of Effective Verification and Compliance screen of Action ManagerEffective Verification and Compliance

BSI Action Manager enables automatic follow up to confirm effectiveness of the action plan once in place. The result of the verification is routed back to the appropriate managers for approval and final closure of the action process. Managing an audit trail has never been easier.

Screenshot of Reporting, Monitoring and Management Visibility screen of Action ManagerReporting, Monitoring and Management Visibility

BSI Action Manager includes built-in dashboards, scorecards and real time reporting for trending analysis. The simple to use dashboards make detailed analysis and effective decisions easy, while scorecards give rapid visibility into problem areas, department or locations.


  • Automatically capture detailed data about quality, risk and sustainability issues from anywhere in the operation
  • Lower risk of regulatory non-compliance across operations (ISO)
  • Accelerate investigation, review, approval, and closure of the action process
  • Improve communication and teamwork on quality issues and activities across departments and functional areas
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility into the status of remediation activities and tracking metrics
  • Reduce risk, quality and sustainability incidents and prevent recurrences

Learn how BSI Action Manager – powered by Entropy Software can drive business improvement within your organization.

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